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Our Leadership and Staff

About Us: Leadership

Lionel Latouche

Associate Pastor

yves and florence.jpg

Yves & Florence Latouche

Lead Pastors


Pierre Michel Heurtelou

Associate Pastor

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Morelia Asemoah

NMI President


Melissa Pierre

Youth President


Angeline Petit

Children's Ministry

Ministerial Board

Yves L. Latouche
Pierre M. Heurtelou
Jean Stevenson Joseph
Max Roc Levy

Church Board Members

Yves L. Latouche - Senior Pastor
Marise Narcisse - Board Secretary
Erick Pierre - Church Treasurer

Melissa Pierre - Youth President

Morelia Asemoah - NMI President
Gerald Delcis
Philippe Olibrice

Roseline Levy

Children's Ministry

Angeline Petit

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